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SOUL 1063







Line Dancing & House Music Party



Saturday November 12, 2011 I’m involved with something a bit different from the norm, A line dancing house music party. In the past, party promoters have tried to combine different genres and have failed, mostly because the events don’t flow. Line Dancers like to Line Dance and House heads like to Jack without interruption. I have many close friends that line dance and love house music, so for this event, we’ll separate the two styles/genres. Line Dancers come out early and most house heads don’t arrive to a party until 1130 or 12 midnight. So, we’ll Line Dance 1st and Jack afterwards. 100% of the money raised will help 9 year old Myles continue training for the Junior Olympics and to one day be a US goal medalist, this kid is really special, Check the video out below of him doin his thing.

So we start Line Dancing at 10pm-12 midnight with sounds by my buddy, Line Dancing King John “Woody P” Woodhouse, who created the hot Otis Full Circle Slide that is being done all over the country. Video posted below. At midnight I’m going crazy for the house-heads, with no interruptions. This event is happening  at Beggars Pizza, (wish I Had a Slice NOW!!) 369 E. 147th Street. The cost is just $10 for advanced tickets or at the door.

I know most party promoters will add “early arrival suggested”, but in this case, the same as when I rocked Beggars the first time earlier in the year, the place was packed at 11pm, with no advanced tickets sold.

Come on out have pizza and spirits 🙂 getcha Line Dance On from 10-12am and Lets Jack from 12 til Close.. See you Saturday.


Of course everybody knows the Wobble Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, the Mississippi, Cleveland Shuffles, & Turbo Slides, but check out the latest Slides, that are piping hot in the Line Dancing underworld.


Full Circle Slide created by John “Woody P’ Woodhouse/ Artist Jay Z & Kanye Otis (Chicago)


Na Na Nah Slide created by Al and Valerie Wilhoite/ Artist P. Diddy Song: Someone to Love Me (Chicago)

Heart Attack Slide created by Jerome Bentley (Louisville)


Older Slide but it seems like everybody asking for it now.

Bikers Shuffle by Big Mucci Dat 71 North Boi (Cleveland)


Double Take Slide created by The Thomas Twins/ Artist Charlie Wilson, Life Of The Party (Chicago)


LNR2 Hustle created by L – Louis aka “Sweet Lou”, N – Nichol aka “Choly Chol or Nik Woo” and R – Re Re aka “Mingle City or Quiet Storm”. 🙂 /Artist Respect by Adeva (Detroit)


One Of My Favorites & No I Don’t Know I how to do it LOL

5 in 1 Slide created by Kenny J & Ray Boyd (Philly)


House heads if you are in the mood to listen to some house mixes click here

Line Dance to Chicago Booty Juke Music (5 in 1 Slide)

Chicago Booty Juke music is huge in the underground scene around the world. The same goes for urban or soul line dancing. With the popularity of hip hop, these other forms of art won’t make it to the mainstream. Of course, some line dances like the Wobble Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha, Turbo Shuffle, and Dj Quik’s Gangster Slide, actually made it above to the surface.
I’m always asked to play the Juke/Ghetto Slide, in and around the Chicago-land area, which will ever remain a classic line dance for all ages, but you have to check out the 5 in 1 Slide. It’s similar in tempo to the classic Juke/Ghetto slide and the Turbo shuffle but a lot more difficult. I remember seeing Curtis Goode from Detroit calling the steps last year at a line dancing weekend in Chicago. Big shouts to Kenny J and Ray Boyd from Philly on the Choreography and for showing love to the Midwest, in particular, the classic Ghetto House cut “Freaks-Ahh Oh” by Dj Deeon among other bangin early 90’s House cuts. Both video’s show the 5 in 1 Slide with adults 30 and older and other nationalities gettin down to the Chi-town sound.


Line Dances That You Should Know

If you like to line dance or are a DJ that plays for private sets or clubs that cater to line dancers. These are classics line dances that you should know or in the case of the DJ must have songs in your crate, CD book or on your computer Hard drive.

Wobble Slide

Gangsta Slide

I Don’t Need It Slide created by Rochelle RGAE Entertainment  

Turbo Shuffle Slide by Dj Maestro

Cupid Shuffle created by Cupid

Superbad Gootfoot Slide created by Ray Boyd & Kenny J