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Download Mixes to iPhone 2022

Download audio music directly to your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes



On an iPhone, once you click the link(s) below, you will get a pop up option to download. Please click download. You will see a blue arrow pointing down, on the top of your iPhone/browsers. That’s a indication that the mix(es) are downloading. The mix(es) will saved to a blue folder called (Files)
Iphone 1



Click Download and you will see the blue arrow in the upper left corner (in safari)

iPhone 2

Click the blue arrow and the screen below opens. Click downloads.


iPhone 3


The screen below opens when you click downloads. Click the Magnifying glass icon to be sent to where your mixes are stored.


iPhone 4

Here are your mixes 


iphone 5


Always remember this folder on you iPhone. This will be the default folder for everything you download.

iPhone 6


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