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Download Mixes to iPhone 2022

download mp3 mixes to apple iPhone iPad

Download audio music directly to your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes


New to downloading? Start by searching for a Freebie mix before making a purchase.


At checkout you can instantly download your mixes or check the inbox of the email address used to place the order. If you don’t she the link email, it’s was sent to the spam/junk folder of your email account.


purchase email links


On an iPhone, once you click the blue link(s), you will get a pop up option to download. Please click download. You will see a blue arrow pointing down, on the top of your iPhone/browsers. That’s a indication that the mix(es) are downloading. The mix(es) will saved to a blue folder called (Files)
Iphone 1



Click Download and you will see the blue arrow in the upper left corner (in safari)

iPhone 2

Click the blue arrow and the screen below opens. Click downloads.


iPhone 3


The screen below opens when you click downloads. Click the Magnifying glass icon to be sent to where your mixes are stored.


iPhone 4

Here are your mixes 


iphone 5


Always remember this folder on you iPhone. This will be the default folder for everything you download.

iPhone 6


Please remember if you are new to downloading, search freebie or free download at

Try the instructions above with a free download first, to see if you are downloading properly and can locate the mixes once they are downloaded.

If you need further assistance after you have tried with a freebie download, don’t hesitate to reach out.

[email protected]


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