My purchased Mix(es) didn’t completely download. I only received xx minutes of the mix

This happens when your wifi or data signal is weak or when trying to download multiple mixes at the same time. With mobile devices using data, this happens with weak downloading specs included in some prepaid mobile subscriptions. It’s highly recommend to use a wifi network when downloading to your mobile device. If using xfinity/Comcast, make sure that you are connected to your home wifi network and not the network listed as xfinitywifi. The xfinitywifi choice is an open hotspot for comcast users that don’t allow the same downloading specs as your home network.

Allow 1 mix to download at a time.

There is no problem/issue with the mix link(s). When you are able to connect to a better wifi or data connection, you will not have a problem downloading the entire mix within 20-30 seconds.

Download to Android device

Download to Apple device