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How to download audio music directly to your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes

Download audio music directly to your iPhone or iPad without using iTunes


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We live in a world where just about everything is done on our mobile devices. We read blogs, play games, watch videos, check email and we listen to music.

I love my iPhone 6 Plus, I’m a Apple Mac Man. I’m a professional DJ, so of course, I LOVE MUSIC!! There are so many music listening platforms available for us to enjoy. I am a premium subscriber of Spotify, there’s Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud,  Mixcloud, just to name a few of the many options available to music lovers.

As a DJ that markets his services, I have an email list of loyal listeners/followers that love what I do. I send free mp3 mixes regularly, but I always get the same question, “how do I put your mixes on my iPhone or iPad.

I’ve taken the time to go in to detail of a very easy way to download audio links (mp3’s,wav,aiff etc) and store the music on your Apple device without going through the tedious process of transferring via iTunes.


1. You’ll need a file manager app





Search for the Free Documents 6 by Readdle app in the App Store



Doc 6 app

2. Open the Documents 6 app

Open app pic

Open the app and slide the blue compass icon (browser) icon (at the bottom) to the left

Browser button

3. Use the Documents 6 browser to open up your email account or your “My Account” on the website.


At the top, Type in your email address to access your email inbox, where the purchased link(s) were sent after you checked out on the website or if you created an account on the website, type in and click the “My Account at the top to access your lifetime downloads

4. Click the blue download link

download email

Once you click the blue download link, a screen will appear for you to rename and/or save/download the mix. Click “Save”


After clicking email link image

Depending on the file size of the music download, your internet service provider speed or your Cell Data speed (3G,4G LTE etc) the download will take between 20 seconds-2 minutes to complete. A pop up message notification will appear.

To find where the download(s) have been saved, drag the purple folder (at the bottom) to the right


download completed


All document folders appear. Click on the Downloads Folder


Open app pic


The Download Folder inside of the Documents 6 app opens to show saved music files/mixes 


download folder open pic

Click on your choice of the mixes that are saved or the one which you just downloaded and the app music player opens for you to enjoy. 🙂

audio player opens

Of course, there may other methods & apps for downloading music to your Apple device. I just wanted to provide a very easy way for the not so tech savvy music lover to enjoy music whether it’s via streaming or if you receive those HOT mp3 link mixes from your favorite DJ. Enjoy!!

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