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New Mixes February 2024

New Mixes February 2024

Happy New Year! I truly appreciate your continued love and support! I have a bunch of new stuff posted and will be posting in the next week or so. Enjoy some free mixes for a limited time.
Free mixes have an allocated amount and time limited. Once they are gone that’s it. I will continue to post freebies on a regular basis. If you find that the free mixes are not showing, the folk either on social media or in friends and family email database have had at em. Please follow me on Instagram (I’ll follow Back) and Facebook. If you are new, WELCOME!! Add your email to my email list.

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Just a heads up, you will see mixes entitled Boolumaster presents Heir Ric. Heir Ric is me moving out of the box of just playing familiar Old School Music. There is so much great new music out here that I want to share. So when you see “Heir Ric, just know I’m putting folk up on the new, while hitting you with classics that you don’t ever hear anymore. Below is how well Heir Ric has done recently.


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Everybody Boolu Remix Clean & Dirty Versions

Check out the line dance on YouTube

Everybody Boolu Remix Nikki Minaj

Heir Ric House 60 V1

Heir Ric House 60 V1Heir Ric House 60 Mix Disco 30 Gospel 15 New 15

New Hip Hop & RnB Feb 2024 (Explicit)

New Hip Hop RnB Feb 2024 Boolu Master


Heir Ric DaCapo Top 10 Afro House Free

Free Heir Ric DaCapo Top 10 House Mix


New Year 2024 Hip Hop & RnB

New year 2024 Hip Hop Boolu

February 24, 2024

Grab your tickets at Ticketmaster.

I do not have any details, I am not the promoter of this event. I am only hired to spin.

BLK House party Venue



April 12-14

Spring Fling Weekend in Houston Texas

I do not have any details, I am not the promoter of this event. I am only hired to spin.



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