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November 2019 Free Mix and 7 New Mixes

November Boolu Free image

November 2019 Free Mix and 7 New Mixes

November Boolu Free image

New Mixes/Playlist

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New Old School Unreleased Mixes


November 2019 Free Mix and 7 New Mixes. The unreleased volumes 1-4 mixes have been a huge success, so I continued by popular demand with 3 new volumes of the unreleased radio mixes series. Volume 5 is Old School RnB, Classic Hip Hop with a sprinkle of WBMX house Music. Volume 6 is Old School 80s RnB/Funk and Volume 7 is more for Old School Disco Lovers.

Old School 567 pic

New Classic Reggae Dancehall Mixes


Reggae Dancehall Volumes 5-7 are finally here!! I’ve been asked to make new reggae dancehall mixes for years. Volume 5 is Reggae Dancehall mixes with our favorite classic RnB cuts. Volume 6 is Reggae Lover’s Rock which is a smoother Caribbean vibe with a bunch of your favorites. Volume 7 is Dancehall Explicit version classics It’s all those classics reggae cuts that rock in clubs all across the world which are too hot and dirty for radio.


Reggae 567 pic

Let Me See You Twerk Volume 1 of 4


I had fun with this one!! Twerk Volume 1 is here and I already have playlist ready to mix part 2-4. Stay tune for those this month.


Twerk V1 playlist

The November Edition of the House & Disco Day Party with me, Dj Stevie B & Mr Gene Hunt

dating game gene


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November Free Mix

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Sexy R&B V1 Playlist

Greatest Friday House V8 playlist

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