Cardio House Workout 125bpm




Cardio House Workout 125bpm

Cardio House Workout 125bpm. Below is the playlist for this mix. To find a mix with a particular song or artist, use the “Search bar” or the Sub Genre/Style dropdown menu or click here to be directed to the Mixes Category page. DJ mixes arranged, mixed and produced by Chicago native radio mix show veteran Boolumaster.

1. Thank You Baby
2. Solo La Rumba DJ Ced Swing
3. Club Lonely Lil Louis
4. Take It Easy Mike Dunn rx
5. The Bounce KenLou
6. Murder
7. Muted Jazz
8. No Way Back Adonis
9. Disco Party
10. Get the Ho
11. Thrill Her
12. Special
13. Teddy Bear Rx Teddy Pendergrass
14. Bad Luck Remake
15. Zig Zag
16. Envison Go Boom JMJ
17. Music Sounds Better Stardust
18. Don’t You Know Risque 3
19. Go Band Club Rx
20. It’s House Remake PJ Chip E

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