Da Box Disco V1




Da Box Disco V1

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1. Love Hangover Diana Ross
2. You Saved My Day (Thank Ya) Cheryl Lynn
3. Brothers Gone Work It Out Willie Hutch
4. I Cant Turnaround Issac Hayes
5. Touch & Go Barbara Roy
6. Chez La Femme Dr Buzzard & The Savannah Band
7. Body Heat James Brown
8. Let No Man Put Asunder (Its Not Over) First Choice
9. Is It All Over My Face Loose Joints
10. Mainline Nothing is the Same Black Ivory
11. Bad Luck Harold Melvin Teddy Pendergrass
12. Just As Long As I Got You Love Committee

13. Disco Nights GQ
14. Peace Pipe BT Express
15. Feelin Moody ESG
16. Deputy Of Love Don A
17. My First Mistake The Chi-Lites
18. Freeman South Shore Commission
19. Melodies Made in the USA
20. Grace of GOD Machine
21. The Love I Lost Harold Melvin Teddy Pendergrass
22. I Love Music The Ojays
23. Shame Evelyn Champagne King
24. Haven’t You Heard Patrice Rushen
25. Lovin Is Really My Game Brainstorm




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