House Day Party LIVE at NDG 42118 1st Hour




House Day Party LIVE at NDG
42118 1st Hour


House Day Party LIVE at NDG 42118 1st Hour. The 2nd and 3rd Hours will be posted in the next couple of days. Below is the playlist for this mix. To find a mix with a particular song or artist, use the “Search bar” or the Sub Genre/Style dropdown menu or click here to be directed to the Mixes Category page.

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House Day Party LIVE at NDG 42118 1st Hour

Real Thing Boolu Edit Sergio Mendes
Clouds Unreleased Remix Chaka Khan
The More I Get The More I Want Teddy Pendergrass
Always There Kon Unreleased Remix Side Effect
Burn This Disco Out Remix Michael Jackson
House Quake Prince
Soft & Wet Prince
Bra Cymande
Harlem Bill Withers
Rockin Down The House Boolu Edit Adonis
Time Marches On Jungle Wonz
Moody ESG
Now That We’ve Found Love Third World
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
Tell Me All About It Pt2 Natalie Cole
LaCosta Natalie Cole
Dreamin Boolu Club Edit Loleatta Holloway
Hey Hey Jimmy Go Boom Boolu Edit Dennis Ferrer Grand High Priest
Getting Off Remix Diddy
Blackout Gherkin Jerk Mass Destruction

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