Plush Set 1-2 Discounted Bundle 2 mixes




Plush Set 1-2 Discounted Bundle 2 mixes

Plush Set 1-2 Discounted Bundle 2 mixes Below is the playlist for this mix. To find a mix with a particular song or artist, use the “Search bar” or the Sub Genre/Style dropdown menu or click here to be directed to the Mixes Category page. DJ mixes arranged, mixed and produced by Chicago native radio mix show veteran Boolumaster.

Plush Set V1
1. Wobble Slide
2. Get Down Dj Quik Slide
3. Blow The Whistle
4. Watch Me Reggae
5. Bam Bam Reggae
6. Tight Up Skirt Reggae
7. Freaks Reggae
8. Be Faithful Party Break
9. Choice Is Yours Classic Hip Hop
10. Rock The Bells Classic Hip Hop
11. Mama Said Knock
12. Headsprung
13. Humpty Dance
14. It Takes Two
15. Poison
16. Lyte As A Rock
17. I Don’t Need It
18. Hot Music House
19. Thank Ya Boolu (House)
20. Mirror Dance
21. Way Back When Boolu mix
22. Baby I’m Scared
23. Tell Me All About It
24. Change For Me Blend
25. Touch The Sky
26. Hey Hey I Heard You Say..,.
27. Hey Hey I Feel Alright 1234
28. PYT Ol School
29. Got Give It Up Ol School
30. Whitehorse
31. Din Daa Daa
32. Step In The Name
Plush Too Set
1. Someone To Love Me Rx MJB
2. All I Need Meth/MJB
3. Aint Leavin Without You
4. Bad Intention Dre
5. Say Ahh Trey
6. Get Me Bodied B
7. Romantic Call reggae
8. Goggle Rx Reggae classic
9. DNS Reggae party brk
10. Wobble Slide Full Version
11. Turbo Slide Full Version
12. For My People Missy
13. Break 4 Love House
14. Move Your Body Rx 2011 House
15. Chante vs James House
16. Follow Me House
17. Din Daa Daa The Roots
18. Everybody Be Somebody House
19. Dance Earth House
20. Africa Brothers Horns House
21. The Horn Song House
22. Funkanova House
23. Melodies Boolu Rx House
24. Ping Pong Classic
25. Galaxy Rx 2011 House
26. Yall Tired Yet (Getting Off)

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